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The gig economy has expanded drastically over the past decade. Now, more than ever, people are finding new and exciting ways to become their own boss. The drive towards freedom is enticing, but there are a few missing pieces to the puzzle for freelance workers since the field is changing rapidly. The need for efficient Customer Relationship Management tools is at an all-time high.

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Elevate Your Brand’s “Look”

Freelancers must go the extra mile to present themselves to their customers. When you get paid online, you must stand out in a saturated sea of other skilled entrepreneurs. Branding tools, such as Cuprin, elevate your brand’s “look” to the next level. Our CPM interface creates seamless communication between customers and freelancers during each project, emphasizing a sense of professionalism that allows your brand to shine. Your brand’s website shows who you are, but Cuprin’s portal polishes your appearance to “wow” your customers. Cuprin lets you:

  • Get constructive feedback from customers during and after projects.
  • Create your own, professional subdomain to solidify your branding.
  • Utilize our versatile templates to send accurate invoices, contracts and proposals to your customers.

Don’t Chase Your Money—Get Paid Instantly.

Getting paid online is more common now than it ever has been before. However, there are still a plethora of roadblocks for freelancers who are ready to get paid for their work. Other platforms promise ACH transfers that can take up to a week to process. Similarly, communication between freelancers and customers could cause further delays for payments. Thankfully, Cuprin uses Stripe, a user-friendly payment platform that provides instant transfers for your payments.

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Keep Up With Your Business’s Growth

Our Cuprin clients are always amazing us with their outstanding growth. Businesses are under the perpetual search for tools and resources that eliminate the potential for stagnation. Cuprin keeps everything in one place, preventing the possibility for disorganization or worse, miscommunication with your customers. Freelancers have been a drastically underserved community, despite being a driving force within the modern economy. Businesses can and should develop healthy, working partnerships with freelancers to grow with them— tools like Cuprin provide the space for this growth to take place.

Gone are the days where freelancers must jump through hoops to collect payment, organize documents, and communicate with customers. Project completion has never been easier.

We are the final missing piece that you need to optimize your workflow.

The Solution For Your Business Operations.

Previously, freelancers would need an array of different tools to check critical analytics. Cuprin allows you to see each of your current payments, customers, projects, and tasks on one screen. This enables you to have a foolproof workflow, optimized for your organization. Freelancers often wonder how they can raise their conversion rates. Sometimes, simplifying their workflow with tools like Cuprin is the most efficient solution.

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24/7 Expert Support

We’re here for you. We exist to make your life easier, so we’re always available to answer your pressing questions.

Secure Payments

Receive your hard-earned income on time, easily with Stripe. Your business, your account.

Protect the Planet

We are committed to decreasing our carbon footprint. We donate 1% of all our earned income to remove CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere.

Periodic Updates

Just like you, we’re constantly finding new ways to improve our business. We implement periodic updates to make your Cuprin experience bigger and better.

Giving Freelancers The Help They Deserve

Cuprin was founded by a group of freelancers. Our founders knew each other personally before becoming business partners. We would all talk about what we wished we had in our freelance businesses, with the general consensus being that freelancers did not have nearly enough tools and resources to elevate their business. This was perplexing, since freelancers tend to grow their businesses at a rapid rate. We all agreed that ultimately, freelancers needed a place where everything could exist on one screen. One, consistent portal would optimize our workflows, ultimately curating a space that allows us to get more done more efficiently.

Similarly, freelancers needed tools that helped refine their “look.” This portal would keep customers hooked with features that also made their life easier. They could even help boost freelancers’ reputations by providing constructive feedback during and after project completion. Freelancers would become “the real deal,” making it look effortless along the way. Solution-oriented services are the name of our game. We like to be less talk, and more action. We aim to simplify your life.


At Cuprin, we aim to make your life easier. As a result, we have curated an expert customer service line designed to answer your most pressing questions. Sometimes, we receive a handful of questions repeatedly. This FAQ page contains your most frequently asked questions in one place for your convenience. However, if you have any questions not on this page, please contact us. We respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.

At its surface, Cuprin is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. CRM tools allow freelancers to manage multiple projects at once. Cuprin, specifically, allows you to keep your focus on one screen so you aren’t multitasking for every project. Cuprin makes it possible to manage multiple projects, and therefore, customer relationships, on one, convenient screen.

Cuprin provides a portal for your Customer Relationship Management for people with flexible jobs, but it does far more than simply allow you to interact with your customers. Cuprin uses one screen to show you project progress, customer feedback, and more. You can even receive payments via our Stripe integration. Our goal is to ease your workflow, ultimately smoothing it out to act as a well-oiled machine.

The name Cuprin was derived from the phrase: “CUstomers, PRojects, Invoices”. We know that everyone who owns a freelance business wants to deliver quality work. Freelance business owners always need new ways to communicate efficiently with their ideal client. During a previous conversation, we realized a few key points. There was a large hole where an effective resource should be, and remote workers needed a reliable resource to manage multiple clients at one time. A group of freelancers saw a striking need for a tool that made project management simpler. Our position as a team of freelancers allows us to connect to the hearts of other freelancers. Everything you need, we need!

Gone are the days where freelance business owners needed to wait days, weeks, or even months to receive their hard-earned income. Payment is a large concern when you start freelancing. Being your own boss as your day job comes with tons of different responsibilities, but you shouldn't have to chase your money. Cuprin is committed to making your life easier, so we have implemented an integration with Stripe. Stripe allows your client payments to be processed instantly, instead of waiting for pesky ACH transfer periods.

Cuprin is a subscription-based service. You can use your Cuprin portal for as long as you need to. Our customers can cancel their Cuprin subscription at any time. However, it would make sense for you to commit to your Cuprin subscription if your freelancing business is your full-time job. Your freelance job requires you to maintain many different client relationships at one time. Additionally, your potential clients will love to see that you take initiative for your growth, and new clients will be more likely to stick around longer. However, Cuprin hopes that our target clients are small business owners. If you have a freelance career, you will love Cuprin!

None at all! Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or you’re just learning how to become a freelancer, you can make the most out of Cuprin’s services. We designed our portal with convenience in mind. Therefore, even beginners can take advantage of all its many benefits. You could be working with your very first clients, or your ideal customer, and still reach your goals via using the Cuprin portal. We want to ensure that you aren't spending countless hours sifting through your tabs talking to a potential client. Instead, we help you manage all of your customer interactions, including maintaining several projects at once, so you can deliver high-quality work.

Our prices are based upon a number of factors. First, a system like Cuprin’s is relatively new on the market. Not many tools exist solely for freelancers. As a business owner, you will be making several different investments to further your career. Making freelancing your day job comes with a number of unique costs, but Cuprin mitigates those costs by providing one, convenient platform. As a result, our pricing structure is based upon demand, the complexity of our services, and, of course, the promise that we will help create your profitable freelance business.

Our founders got the idea to start Cuprin long, long ago. Ironically, they were all incredibly busy with their careers, so it couldn’t come to fruition until now. They all had one thing in common when they met: each of our founders was a salaried worker that added a side-hustle to their plate. Owning a freelance business is more than simply finding the means to pay for living expenses. Most freelancers do run their business as their day job so they can do what they love for a living. Additionally, they love the freedom that comes with making your own hours. Still, freelance work can be difficult to manage on your own. As new freelancers, they learned that we needed to better serve the freelance community. And thus, Cuprin was born! You can read our full story here.

While Cuprin isn’t inherently a job-search board, it can certainly help you reach your ideal clients. By providing a heightened sense of professionalism and organization, your Cuprin platform allows you to take on multiple projects at once. Therefore, you’ll be able to spend less time finding and converting leads. Similarly, you can gather feedback from past clients using our portal so you can land future projects. Word-of-mouth is an excellent marketing skill, even without expert writing skills! Our CRM software is a lot like having your own website. While you can't technically find new freelance jobs with Cuprin, you can further your freelancing career by managing your freelance business.

Certainly! Cuprin is currently receiving early beta access registrations. Click here to get your 1 month free coupon code.

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