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A customer relationship management system (CRM) is a tool that most enterprises utilize. But, CRM for freelancers is also becoming a familiar concept. As the world we live in is becoming highly technical, this digital model is imperative nowadays.

A customer relationship management system (CRM) is a tool that most enterprises utilize. But, CRM for freelancers is also becoming a familiar concept. As the world we live in is becoming highly technical, this digital model is imperative nowadays.

In a world dominated by laptops and cell phones, freelancers need to transition from traditional methods to centralized systems as well. They also need a combination of software and business strategies that can help them build long-lasting relationships with their clients. This is where Customer relationship management (CRM) comes into action!

It's high time Freelancers add a comprehensive model to monitor all they do to streamline their work. Be it for processing transactions, customer interactions, or completing projects, CRM can help them with all of it It can aid them in merging and organizing all their work from different platforms and helps them develop a repeatable and consistent client base.

So if you are a freelancer facing issues keeping track of all your client interactions, accounting, and finance, you need a CRM for freelancer. Read along to learn more about it:

What is a CRM?

"Customer Relationship Management," mostly called CRM, refers to all tools, techniques, and strategies enterprises apply for customer management. In most cases, when CRM is mentioned, it is about a CRM system that aids companies with sales, service management, retaining customers, and marketing.

Usually, this is in the form of software that ensures that the business's every interaction with its clients goes smoothly to increase profits. The software records and retains customer data from multiple channels. Hence, CRM stores detailed information on your history, including personal info, behavior patterns, total earnings, etc.

What is the Purpose of CRM Software?

With time customers have become more demanding, so it has become essential for businesses and individuals to constantly lookout for customized solutions to deal with them smoothly. The purpose of the CRM solution is to aid in such customer interaction strategies so that you can spend more time working than actually handling clients.

Moreover, CRM for freelancers allows individuals to focus on their relationships with clients. As a result, it makes it easier to find new customers, retains them by winning their trust, and provides you with qualified support to build your clientele.

The functions of a CRM are not limited to the capabilities mentioned above. Most CRM software provides sophisticated tools which lead to seamless workflow and enhance productivity. In addition, they help merge various revenue sources to make Billing and invoicing easy. Moreover, the affordable pricing options make them easy on the pockets of freelancers!

How does CRM Operate?

CRM software has features to track customer and company interactions via various channels. These include but are not limited to contact forms, calls, emails, and more. CRM also provides easy access to data, as it merges all your freelance platforms into one.

It makes it easy for you to collaborate with different clients simultaneously, which increases productivity. Another vital feature of CRM is that it is adaptable and can be tailored according to your need. Then this solution aso features sales and marketing tools to manage everything from lead qualification to forecasting and opportunity management to deal closure. It also provides automation options that streamline customer requests by following pre-defined criteria for customer care excellence.

Moreover, CRMs are also packed with tracking features that retain data for future use. In addition, CRM also provides analytics capabilities that allow freelancers to track the efficiency of their various marketing efforts. All in all, CRM operates by modeling, executing, automating, and optimizing your business activity flows.

Why Do Freelancers Need a CRM?

Most of you must have only heard about CRM in the context of business sales and customer support teams. However, this platform is equally helpful for freelancers. You don't need a 50-person organization to benefit from CRM.

Like big companies, freelancers also have relationships and interactions with their customers, so they too can benefit from this management tool. Moreover, as CRM tools in today's business can be tailored, anyone can use them, from one-man-show freelancers to small start-ups and even multinational corporations.

Here is how an individual freelancer can use CRM to upscale their career:

During Introduction Phase

If you are a newbie freelancer, gaining new clients and spreading the word is your priority. However, before you start earning, you will need to juggle hectic communications and deal with hundreds of cold emails. This is where CRM software will help you. This tool will allow you to communicate quickly and keep a record of previous communications too.

Another way CRM can help you is by generating email templates. This helps you maintain a professional style by standardizing your pitches and also saves time.

With Regular Workflow

After your freelancing career is set and you have stable clients, CRM for freelancers can help you connect with clients swiftly. In addition, CRM software can standardize your email and manage your communication. Moreover, the organizing features of CRM allow you to meet clients' needs effectively as you can set reminders and calendars for essential deadlines.

CRM is especially beneficial for Freelancers with multiple clients. If you have dozens of customers, and that too on different platforms, a CRM tool can improve how you deal with them. CRM will develop specific sections to segment communication with each client and help you unload the burden of bulk emails.

For Tracking Success and Metrics

The most valuable feature of CRM for freelancers is that it provides analytics and insightful data. From sale metrics to possible lead generation and client engagement, it can help you observe trends and learn a lot from them.

CRM tools for recording and analyzing data such as conversion rates, successful lead contacts, and click-through rates can provide you with a clear picture of what the future holds.

Top 6 CRM For Freelancers in 2022

To prevent you from getting confused amongst the plethora of CRM tools available, we have listed the best ones. We went through hundreds of software available and compared them to find the ones that offer the most features and are easy to use. We evaluated several top brands and considered critical attributes for ranking them.

Here are our top 6 picks for CRM for freelancers and their best use cases:


Overall Score: 4.5 / 5


  • All-inclusive plans can cater to unlimited clients ann projects

  • 2 GB storage

  • Gives weekly reports that provide metrics for actionable progress

  • Provides secure payment channels

  • Efficient contract and invoice generation

  • Easy bookkeeping

  • It offers 24/7 Expert Support


  • The free plan only has basic features

  • Comparatively new


  • Free plan: limited features

  • Premium Plan: $15 monthly

With Cuprin, managing your freelance business shouldn't be hard at all. This CRM tool has literally simplified everything. From 24/7 support to getting weekly feedback reports, Cuprin is software with a fluid and forward approach. Both the accounting and organising features it offers are efficient and can cater to unlimited projects. The 2 GB storage is a bonus.

In addition, it lets you create your subdomain to solidify your brand. Last but not least, the versatile templates it provides for contracts and invoices give your service a professional outlook. Cuprin is indeed a CRM that can genuinely transform your freelance career.

However, as it is comparatively new in the market, there are constant updates. This is a good sign as CRM advances with your business. Moreover, the free plan has limited features. But it gives you an idea and you can update to the premium plan later.


Overall Score: 4.46 / 5


  • It lets you communicate with clients via touchpoints like phone, email, and chat.

  • CPQ (configure, price, quote) features

  • Integration with Slack

  • Allows you to schedule appointments, create follow-up tasks, and record notes for every lead, account, and contact.

  • Provides website stats analysis and insights on visitors' interest, engagement levels, and other activities on your website.

  • Offers quotes and document management


  • The free plan only has basic features

  • No online storage allocation in the free plan


  • Free plan: limited features

  • Growth: $15 monthly

  • Pro: $39 monthly

  • Enterprise: $69 monthly

Free trial: 21 days

Freshsales for us is the best CRM for advanced Freelancers. Not only does it offer essential features, but its upgraded tools help pro freelancers manage numerous projects and clients single-handedly.

It helps you stay on top of the game as it connects you to your clients instantly vis communication channels like phone, email, Slack, SMS, and social media. Last but not least. It also offers CPQ ( configure, price, quote), allowing you to automatically generate and send quotes, contracts, invoices, and non-disclosure agreements.

However, Freshsales doesn't come without disadvantages. The majority of its features are paid, and free plans doesnt allow you to experience its efficiency fully. In addition, features like multiple sales pipelines, online storage, and update notifications are not included in the free plan.

Zendesk Sell:

Overall Score: 4.36 / 5


  • Email integration is excellent

  • SMS and call communication are available

  • Offers offline mobile access

  • Contact log features allow you to track all your previous communications

  • Features real-time push notifications

  • Lead profile enrichment


  • No free plan

  • Invoicing and billing features are not available


  • Sell Team: $19 monthly

  • Sell Professional: $49 monthly

  • Sell Enterprise: $99 monthly

Free trial: 30 days

Zendesk Sell is the best CRM for those freelancers who need robust email integration. Its capabilities of connecting email accounts, managing emails from within the various platform, tracking email campaigns, and sending bulk emails allows effective communication with clients.

Its features let you manage numerous clients through sales pipeline monitoring, task setting, document storage, and calendar integration. Lastly, it also allows users to communicate with their customers using calls and SMS directly.

However, Zendesk offers no free plan, so you have to pay immediately after the trial period ends. Moreover, it features no invoicing and billing options which is a significant drawback.

Zoho CRM:

Overall Score: 4.34 / 5


  • Predictive tools allow monitoring of workflow and future planning

  • Time tracking allows efficient management and accurate invoicing.

  • Automatic Billing features integrated with timesheets and payment quotes.

  • Features Omnichannel communications

  • It offers real-time Sales reporting and gives insights into a variety of metrics


  • Meager storage capacity;

  • Add-on payments are required for additional storage

  • Mass emailing and many other features are only available in paid plans


  • Free Plan: Up to 3 users

  • Standard: $14 monthly

  • Professional: $23 monthly

  • Enterprise: $40 monthly

  • Ultimate: $52 monthly

Free trial: 15 days

Zoho is indeed the best CRM for Freelancers who lack time management. It offers features like timesheets that help freelancers manage their various projects in a timely fashion. From organizing contacts and projects to account management, you can streamline your work.

Moreover, it also offers customer enriching features through social media integration like Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, it is also efficient at billings and creating invoices, which is done via time tracking tools for accuracy.

However, Zoho faces limitations such as meager storage allocation. Moreover, most of its features, such as mass emailing, come with a hefty price tag.

HubSpot CRM

Overall Score: 3.96 / 5


  • Easy-to-use and initiative interface

  • GIves free access to sales automation tools

  • Robust email marketing features

  • Allows you to set up a series of follow-up tasks for organizing multiple projects

  • Allows you to generate and send quotes and invoices to clients

  • Features a live chat function that works in real-time.

  • Allows automation of various tasks like calling prospects and sending emails.


  • The free plan is limited to forums and doesnt have access to customer support

  • Plans have huge monetary differences making them unaffordable.


  • Supports an unlimited number of users: Free

  • Starter Sales Plan: $45 monthly for two paid users

  • Professional Sales Plan: $450 monthly for five paid users

  • Enterprise Sales Plan: $1,200 monthly for ten paid users

Free trial: 14 days

HubSpot CRM is the best free CRM featuring Robust Sales Automation Tools. It offers a wide range of features such as customizable dashboards, sales automation tools, landing pages, and chatbots—all of these aid freelancers in nurturing and expanding their client base.

It also offers robust email marketing options such as automated receipt and email generation. Moreover, it offers task queueing, which is best for those freelancers who lack organized workflow. Lastly, it offers the best free plan you can use before upgrading to a paid one!

However, HubSpot is not perfect and has a few cons. Its free plan has no customer support. Moreover, its paid plans also have discrepancies as they differ significantly in terms of money. Due to high fees, freelancers on a tight budget won't be able to take advantage of advanced tools like sales analytics.


Overall Score: 3.54 / 5


  • It lets you track time and accurately bill completed work

  • Can send invoices as well as payment reminders

  • Allows setting up custom payment

  • Enables Project management

  • Extensive integrations with payment options like Stripe and PayPal

  • Offers clients the option to tip during payment.


  • Lacks mobile application

  • Cloud storage option not available


  • One user with max 3 clients: FREE

  • 4-10 users: $25 monthly

  • 11-20 users: $45 monthly

  • 21-30 users: $60 monthly

If you are looking for the best CRM software for Invoicing & Payment Processing, you won't find any better than Dubsado. It offers excellent payment processing features which can help you manage numerous income sources under one roof.

It includes a time tracker that monitors your work's value and features an efficient invoicing system that automatically sends project quotes and invoices. Moreover, it offers numerous payment options such as PayPal, Square, and Stripe.

However, it lacks in certain areas, especially when it comes to mobile applications. For example, it doesnt offer any cell phone-friendly app, nor does it have cloud storage allocation.


So if you are a freelancer who currently believes in living without the CRM, you are missing a lot. If you think you can handle all your work independently, try it and watch as it does wonders to your workflow and time management. If you are looking for an all-rounder CRM, then go for Cuprin.

There is no doubt that it will make your freelancing more manageable and more organised. In addition, as there is no "minimum limit" on the number of clients you can deal with, freelancers can handle various clients from different platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Just join a free trial of any of the handy tools mentioned above and let it increase your productivity, profits, and peace of mind! Apply for a paid version only if you are satisfied, which we believe you will surely be!