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Productivity means a different thing to each person. You can read up on various methods to get things done, but choosing the right tool ultimately comes down to your personal work style.

The same goes for productivity apps. With so many productivity apps and tools to choose from, it's critical to identify your specific requirements. You may be a good note-taker, but you struggle to stay focused on tasks. Perhaps you have an excellent system for communicating with team members and contacts, but you lack an efficient method for scheduling meetings. Or there is simply too much on your plate, and you need to harvest the power of a good to-do list.

Productivity apps aim to make mobile device users more productive wherever they are by providing access to functions such as note-taking, email, calendaring, to-do lists and reminders, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Given their flexible nature, a subset of these apps can also serve as project management apps.

Various mobile apps for iOS and Android are available to help professionals stay on top of their work. Some of the most widely-used productivity tools include Evernote, Trello, and These productivity tools have unique features to help you stay on top of your to-do list and keep track of important information while managing projects. Cuprin can help you find the best productivity apps for your task management needs.

Choose the right productivity app for your needs

Consider what features are most important to you in a productivity app, and play around with different apps to see which one best serves your needs.

If you need a versatile app that can serve diverse purposes, Evernote might be a good choice. If you need an app with a simple learning curve for small project task management, Trello might be a better option to boost productivity. is a good choice if you are into simple to-do list apps. From note taking apps to project management tools, we review the best task management and productivity apps to help you get things done faster. Let's get right to it!


Many jobs require taking and organizing notes. Evernote can assist professionals in managing notes, which is especially important on a mobile device while you're on the go.

Evernote is a popular productivity app that provides an excellent interface for note-taking and organization. Depending on your needs, it helps you create notes that consist of simple text, voice memos, website clippings, images, videos, PDFs, and more.

Evernote also saves your notes on your device or in the cloud, enabling you to access them anywhere. The app can seamlessly sync your notes so that they will reflect any change instantly across all your devices. Plus, you can use your device's camera to incorporate photos into your files to organize paper documents or whiteboard notes from meetings. Evernote also has a built-in search function that makes it easy to look for specific keywords within notes. Thanks to the handwriting analysis feature, users can even use the search function for handwritten notes.

Evernote is available in three versions: Personal, Professional, and Teams.

All versions of Evernote permit syncing across an unlimited number of devices, with a maximum note file size of 200 MB.

The Personal version is the basic package that may be perfect for you if you want a customizable personal note-taking app. However, suppose you are looking for more collaborative features such as assigning tasks to team members and tracking their progress. In that case, you will have to upgrade to the Professional version for a slightly higher fee. The Professional version also enables you to export your notes as PDF files while boasting additional features such as Google Calendar compatibility, advanced search features, and enhanced home screen customization capabilities. Lastly, if you plan to work as a team and unlock all features of Evernote, you can create a centralized Teams account. Evernote Teams comes with all the features of Evernote Professional, plus some more. With Teams, you can view each team member's activity history, work on a project with other team members, and preserve company ownership of any business data.

Whether you enjoy taking notes digitally or on a piece of paper, Evernote is one of the best productivity apps and a reliable tool for organizing all of your ideas in one place. The app's mobile version is free to download for Apple iOS and Google Android.


If you’re a fan of simplicity, Trello is a user-friendly project management app.

Trello is a great productivity app with a simple interface for project management and task tracking. It offers the ability to create boards and add tasks to them. It also allows you to assign tasks to specific team members and track the progress of each project component. Another bonus is that Trello offers integration with many other apps that your team may already use, such as Slack, Outlook, Google Docs, and DropBox.

Trello comes with a modular framework that includes three nested levels of data organization to help you manage tasks: boards, lists, and cards. You can think of the boards as giant whiteboards where you have a bird's eye view of the entire project. Using lists, you can divide up each board into separate sections to describe different project stages, such as remaining tasks, completed tasks, or tasks in progress. Finally, you can create separate cards for each individual task with more detailed information. These cards can be dragged and freely moved into a different list as you progress.

As you can see, Trello can be an effective project management tool to manage tasks and assess your progress throughout a project. The downside of this simplistic and modular design is that Trello may not be appropriate for handling very complicated projects, as the increased number of cards can quickly get out of hand.

Trello is great for:
  • prioritizing tasks and assigning them to people

  • tracking progress of the assigned tasks

  • collaboration with other people in small teams

  • planning projects, creating to-do lists is a to-do list app that you can use across many different platforms. The app shows you what needs to get done and sends reminders wherever you are. is one of the free to-do list, planner & calendar apps for managing and organizing your daily tasks. It is a popular app that offers productivity features such as creating tasks and setting reminders. With, you can share your lists with others and sync your tasks across multiple devices.

Core features

To-do list/task management feature:

  • Provides support for creating notes, attaching files, sharing lists, assigning tasks, and sending comments   

  • Offers voice input option 

  • Allows one time, location-based, or recurring task-specific reminders 

  • Syncs real-time across all of the user devices

  • Tags your tasks with colors 

  • Offers time tracking 

Prioritization/planning feature:

  • Prompts the users to develop good habits of morning task planning

  • Enables users to drag, drop and reorder the tasks and lists with different levels of priority

  • Allows snoozing task notifications 

  Assistant feature:

  • Allows the user to send their tasks to a professional personal assistant to handle the task for them. The service supports both text and voice messages.

While the free version is not a fully-featured productivity tool as some of the other apps on our list, you do get some basic functionality with the free version that will allow you to see whether this to-do list app works for you.

Different apps and productivity tools you might find helpful:


Everhour is a comprehensive time management app that helps teams work more efficiently.

Aside from being a handy time tracking app, Everhour integrates seamlessly with other project management tools to allow stress-free budget and project management. 

What is in Everhour for you?
  • Reporting features  ensure all is going to plan.

  • Invoicing tools  make billing simpler.

  • Visual planning features  allow you to review projects instantly.

  • Project budgeting  helps you keep your time and budget on track.

Correct timing

In Everhour, you can track time spent on projects, vacations, or sick days, receive notifications about long-running timers and set reminders for due dates.

Correct budgeting

Everhour also helps you avoid debt and boost revenue with precise project billing and budgeting. The user creates clients, assigns projects, watches budgets, and spots unbilled time. You can choose an appropriate billing method: non-billable, time and materials, or fixed fee.

Receive an alert when you spend a certain percentage of the project budget

Everhour will allow you to track what an employee or contractor costs you compared to how much you charge for their work.

In Everhour:
  • View an interactive plan with your team members' schedules or project files on the same page.

  • See the logged vs. scheduled times of other users.

  • Be informed when someone with the necessary skills is available for a new project.

  • Create new tasks, set priorities, deadlines and assign them to the team members.


Hypercontext is a tool empowering managers and teams to perform exceptionally by streamlining meetings, goals, and morale into one workflow.

“The App Built for Managers”

The meeting agenda app allows managers to build collaborative meeting agendas, access a lot of conversation starters, and keep everyone accountable for sharing feedback at every meeting. It’s a convenient platform for team members and managers to exchange feedback, document decisions, and track goals while holding everyone engaged across the company.

Hypercontext offers features including:
  • Shared online schedules

  • Integrated meeting notes. You can take notes during or after an event; the app will automatically forward a copy to all attendees.

  • Real-time comments. You add questions and context to agenda items before, during, and after the meeting.

  • Suggested questions. In case you’re not sure how to set out your agenda, Hypercontext gives you suggestions on the questions you can ask.

  • Next step tracker. Hypercontext will record any next steps that you agree upon and allow you to track the related tasks.

  • Meeting ratings. The user can survey attendees and gather their feedback to improve future sessions.

There are also Hypercontext apps for Android and iOS, meaning you can manage meetings on the go.

There’s a free version, a Pro plan, and a Business plan for the app. Teams of up to five people can take advantage of the starter team pack.

Team Work


MindMeister’s feature set can fuel your creativity every step of the way, from your first brainstorming session to your final presentation.

MindMeister is a go-to collaborative online mind mapping tool for teams. It is designed to help users be more creative and productive.

As a visual aid, mind maps allow you to quickly dive into complex ideas by structuring information to improve comprehension and recall. Creating a mind map stimulates creativity, while the map itself gives depth and structure to all kinds of projects. 

MindMeister helps teams create knowledge maps that act as central repositories on specific topics, keeping information from multiple sources in one place. You can link to the relevant folders in external storage locations, including Dropbox, Google Workspaces, and more.

Turn ideas into action

When starting a project, it’s always good to have ideas on the table. Mind maps are the perfect way to boost brainstorming sessions, acting as the framework for forming bright ideas. MindMeister is flexible — it adapts to your ideas, not the other way around for all your projects.

You add critical topics to your project’s mind map and share it with your team members to get their feedback directly. By organizing information in a knowledge map, all parties stay on the same page and have a reference point to go back to. Collaborators can add new branches, discuss ideas in comments and collect up or down votes directly on each topic.

Teach quicker, learn faster

When you plan to onboard recruits, MindMeister helps your team share essential information from the get-go, track the progress of the learning process and garner feedback over the first months on the job. 

Also, newcomers can use mind maps to keep track of their own onboarding experience and manage the tidal wave of information.

Find what you need fast

You can choose from pre-set map themes or customize your map with colors, styles, and images that best fit you. The tool stores all information in the cloud, letting you digitally access your map without worrying about saving or sending it in advance.

This digital mind mapping tool is ideal for everyday business needs with more features you can check for yourself.


Hootsuite  is a project management app that lets companies schedule posts and campaigns across their social media channels.

When you plan and schedule your social posts, you have a chance to view them in a comprehensive calendar. This is helpful for aligning your campaigns and organizing your social media channels to see the whole picture. 

In addition to planning and publishing content, Hootsuite's productivity features also help companies engage with their audience and create connections with potential customers. 

As a social media management system, it enables you to view multiple streams at once and monitor customer comments. You can post updates, read responses, schedule messages, view statistics, and much more.

The users can monitor post-performance, respond to questions, boost positive comments, and share other posts within the app. This tool has specialized features to increase your team members' productivity, such as allowing customer inquiries to specific team members and filtering incoming messages based on priority. 

Manage all your customer care channels from one simple platform

The system's user interface is in the form of a dashboard and supports social network integrations for over thirty-five popular social networks.

Schedule posts in advance

The app allows you to schedule posts across your social media platforms in seconds. This helps you to create an efficient social media strategy that takes into account the optimal times to post so that your posts will generate maximum engagement.

Once you pick the day and the time, you can view scheduled posts in an easy-to-read calendar format.

Easily view analytics data

The users can add multiple team members to the social media accounts of their choice, allowing them to see first-hand who is posting which information at what time. You can also control the ability to distribute tasks, add collaborators, and edit posts as you see fit. In addition, Hootsuite allows you to create professional-looking, printable reports on your business's social media progress.

You can try the free version for 30 days.

Experience brings efficiency

We listed some of the best productivity apps currently on the market. Once you have decided which app is suitable for your project management needs, be sure to take some time to learn how to use it effectively. Productivity tools often have more features and functions than initially meets the eye. Experiment with different ways of using each app and discover what works best for you. Good luck!