There are now more opportunities than ever to work as a freelancer.

At Cuprin, we recognize that a freelancer is not "just" a graphic designer, website developer, or social media manager. You are a business owner seeking to position yourself as a leader in your industry. And as we speak, the business landscape is undergoing a sweeping transformation with an ever-increasing focus on independent work. This gives you an unprecedented opportunity to carve out your own space. And we realize that this involves many moving pieces beyond talent that must work together perfectly. After establishing a visible online presence, you need to mesh with your target audience, turn them into a clientele, and develop longitudinal professional relationships by demonstrating that you will go above and beyond to meet their business needs. This is where Cuprin comes in.

We've got your back. All you need to do is shine.

Cuprin is a fully remote business that takes on the hassles of being a business owner so that you can dedicate your energy to what matters: developing your talents. We're working to transform the workforce landscape by giving freelancers all the necessary tools for success. Before Cuprin, project management required freelancers to use several different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to get the job done right. CRM platforms are supposed to exist to simplify and optimize your workflow. However, they often cater to big businesses. Corporations that employ hundreds of skilled workers have their fair share of tools and resources for success, so now, it's time for freelancers to take center stage.

Cuprin is more than a Customer Relationship Management tool for your freelance business–it’s what you need to draw in your target clients.

By utilizing our unique CRM software, you can develop your client relationships based upon a foundation of trust. Odds are, this is unlike any other day job you've had in the past. Your first clients will have high expectations, but our tools ensure that you can manage multiple projects, even as a newcomer to the freelance world. Instead of toggling between different tabs all day, managing customer interactions in one place allows you to nurture your client relationships and optimize your workflow for your best possible performance. With Cuprin, you only need one screen to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Your business is your livelihood, and we want to help you achieve your goals. Because we've all done freelance jobs before, we know exactly what you need to succeed. You deserve to be proud of your work, and we have crafted our software to ensure that your clients will be WOW-ed by your skills.

We cannot wait to see you soar.