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We leave no room for confusion. We offer one all-inclusive plan at one price. Our pricing is regionally scaled.

Everything we create is designed to optimize your workflow for peak performance. Fewer things are more integral to your performance rates than your customer interactions. Our platform takes effective communication five steps higher. Simplification is the name of our game, so we simplify everything we can.

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  • 2GB Storage
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You may ask this:

“But what does it get me?”

Great question! Cuprin’s all-inclusive plan comes with many features that will elevate your freelance to the next level. Remember, each of the Cuprin founders is or has been a freelancer at one point. Therefore, we have an acute understanding of everything a freelance business needs for success. Everything we offer is something that we have required in our freelance careers, and that’s how we know that you’ll need it, too!

  • Unlimited Customers - We hope to help your freelance business grow beyond your wildest dreams. We want to limit limitations on your workflow. We offer Cuprin users a total number of customers. Our goal is to help you create new goals every day.
  • Unlimited Projects - Gone are the days when you need several different tabs open at once to manage your projects. The Cuprin portal allows you to manage multiple projects on one screen. We offer Unlimited Projects so you can maximize your earnings.
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  • Unlimited Invoices - There is no limit on the number of invoices you can manage with Cuprin. Organizing invoices used to take time, effort, and, ironically, money. Cuprin makes it possible to manage all of your invoices on one platform and get paid instantly via our Stripe integration.
  • 2GB Storage - Freelancers’ hard drives are jam-packed with files, documents, and data. 2GB of storage should last quite some time, and it is easy to manage all of your stored data with just a few clicks.
  • 24/7 Support - Remember, we understand your needs because we share the exact needs of freelancers. Therefore, Cuprin offers expert 24/7 support for all of your needs. We respond to each inquiry as quickly as possible.
  • Weekly Reports - Analytics are essential to your freelance business. Our Weekly Reports provide metrics that can lead to actionable progress. You can see which areas your freelance business is doing well and which areas need improvement.